Voyageur Technologique

Tools I love and hate

No one wants to read a series of blog posts about the various tools I use on a daily basis and how I feel about them. But maybe someone wants to read one blog post?



Lets me buy + download music from all my favourite artists and then gets the hell out of my way.


I wrote a love-letter to you. 5 years later the love is still going strong.


Reality-checks what I think I’m spending my time on.

Git Cola

Allows me to quickly collect changes across files into coherent commits.


A terminal-editor which hits the sweet-spot between Vim and Nano. Because I haven’t gotten around to learning Spacemacs and Nano’s keyboard shortcuts are impossible for me to memorize.



I previously complained my Android devices never updated. Now they do, but in a way that breaks functionality.


I don’t need you to sync, I need you to let me drop in a folder into my file-system and for you to discover it.

TrulyErgonomic Keyboard

The gateway drug of ergonomic keyboards. My old one broke after only 5 years of use and the new version isn’t programmable.



Helps me realize that most articles I think I want to read, I only want to read because I’m bored. Not an archive solution, given the text search is terrible.

Media Monkey

Barely able to sync my music collection in a bi-directional manner with my Android phone.


Still the only mind-mapping solution that works for me, but slowly working it’s way onto the Hate list with feature bloat.


I don’t know why creating a flow-chart where images are a combination of images/captions is impossible. Every time I try to make a diagram, I day-dream about Sketch-n-Sketch.