Voyageur Technologique

How I Got Here

Failures, Privileges and Luck

A while ago, I was talking to my friend who was over-idealising me as a result of reading my CV. She was despondent about the prospect about ever achieving as much as I had, regardless of the field she chose to pursue. Naturally, I exploded with laughter. I got to my current amateurish position in my field of cognitive modelling in a hilariously roundabout manner and I hardly consider myself successful.

However, my friend’s misperception is a common one, which is why a bunch of academics have started publishing, not only a “CV of Failures”, but an additional one of “Luck and Privileges” to give something closer to the truth.

So without further ado, here is my own CV of Failures, Rejections, Luck and Privileges, which I’m sure will grow as my career progresses. Let it never be said that I try to project an aura of aloofness.